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Today was a really busy day. I spent most of it in the truck, driving around, running errands. I made a special trip to the UP to visit my mom who has been laid up from a surgery. I brought her flowers for her birthday tomorrow and stuck around for a couple hours making her and my dad a huge batch of pasties and pocket apple pies. As much as I said I would never be like her, I recognized today that I take after her a lot socially. She needs interaction with other people, and being couch-bound for a couple weeks really had her down. Glad I was able to pick her up a bit. If we lived closer I’d be over more often. She confided in me that one of her best friends broke up with her recently. Sucks. My mom is the kind of person who will bend over backward to help her friends, but for some reason most of her friends won’t lift a finger when she needs someone. How hard is it to call or visit a friend even once a year? Or to drive half a mile to spend some time chatting with a friend who is lonely? I’m frustrated for her. At least she has one kid who is there for her, though, and I’ll always be there. I hope our boys are this close to me and each other when they grow up.

After visiting, I went to the boys’ school to help out with the last hour of their Halloween parties. I tell you what – I have mad respect for all of the teachers at that school. They had some wild, sugar-pumped, costumed kids and their schedules were wonky with parties and activities. But were they crabby or frustrated? Nope! I feel pretty lucky that our kids get to go to such a great school, even if it’s small and feels like it’s in the middle of nowhere. I really hope I can get more involved soon. I kind of miss volunteering on a regular basis.

From the school we went to a town 30 miles south, where we used to live in an apartment while we built the house. We met up with some old friends and did some trick or treating. I didn’t even think to bring the camera along, but I guess you wouldn’t have seen much anyway. It was a whopping 33 degrees Fahrenheit and the wind was kicking our butts. We made one loop around a few blocks and the kids were frozen, despite being bundled in long johns, clothes, costumes, winter coats, hats and gloves. It was cold!

We met Daddy at a really good restaurant after he got out of work, then came home exhausted, lit the fire in the wood stove, and all settled down on our computers. We’re turning into a family of computer nerds. It’s a bit more comfortable than the 2 hour Monopoly marathon we played on the floor last night.

Not too much else to update. Dear hubby nearly has the sink cabinet done. We might go to Green Bay this weekend to pick up a granite slab for the counter. He finished the medicine cabinet mirror. It’s pretty snazzy, but mostly empty. I don’t know what to do with all of this new storage space! I’m a simple creature, and so is he. Maybe I could fill it up if I wore makeup or wore jewelry or did my hair fancy or used seventeen different soaps and lotions every day. But I don’t, and probably never will. You know, I’ve actually had people assume I’m Pentecostal, especially back when I had hair down to my bum and wore skirts every day. So funny! They never react well when I inform them that I’m actually an atheist.

So here’s a picture of the mirror, because I have to brag on my awesome hubby. Can you believe this is his first time working with wood? We finally got the new pulls, so he’ll probably put all those on as soon as he gets the final cabinet finished and in place.

medicine cabinet

And here’s another fun update. We got our first eggs from our Jersey Giant chickens! They seem to be laying them while sitting on the roosts, which is a minor problem. I need to figure out how to coax them to lay in the nesting boxes. This laying an egg over a 3′ drop business isn’t doing wonderful things for the shell integrity.


One of the eggs was all white with only a small spot of brown. That was strange, but not wholly unexpected. When chickens first start laying, they lay all sorts of nutty looking eggs. Some are tiny (as these were), some are enormous. Some have two or even three yolks. Some are capable of encapsulating an egg within another egg and pushing the monstrosity out whole. Some make dumbbell-shaped eggs, while some come out long and narrow. Within a few months, they’ll be pros – laying regularly and giving us normal eggs.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween! And if you know my mom, stop by and wish her a happy birthday tomorrow! Maybe she’ll share a delicious pasty with you. 🙂


Of the blog, that is. Can you believe I’ve been putzing around with WordPress for five years now?


We’ve been keeping pretty busy here lately, especially my husband. He is the hardest worker I know. He comes home from a ten hour shift every day, and still has energy to tackle big house projects like trimming, painting, and building cabinets. The last couple weeks he’s been working on building our bathroom cabinets. He has the first one done, or nearly so. We still need magnets and pulls. He’s done a beautiful job for this being the first time he’s ever attempted cabinets! What do you think?



The first was taken in the basement shop, where he’s been constructing it. We hauled that behemoth upstairs to stain it in the living room, then put it in the bathroom where it shall stay forever. His next project is to build the sink cabinet. That piece of poo looking thing there is just a temporary one I made out of an end table and a sink top. It’s about four inches lower than a normal one, which is great for the kids but sucks for an adult. The next cabinet will take up that whole space, have three drawers, and one cupboard. We’ll probably do some kind of vessel sink that sits on top of the counter, which will be granite to match the kitchen. My husband is also going to build a custom swing-away mirror over a medicine cabinet. It should look awesome when it’s finished!

I’ve done a bit of work in the bathroom as well. Back when I grouted the shower, I either mixed the grout wrong or sealed it wrong. After a year of use, it was starting to disintegrate from between the tiles. So I chipped out as much as I could, cleaned it all up really well, re-grouted, and re-sealed. Our shower looks brand new. Oh, and I bought a cloth curtain so now I can wash it periodically. The old plastic one got so gross all the time and cleaners ate the plastic away along with the yucky bits.


I still need to figure out a trim for around the tile edge to hide the mortar. We’ll probably do that after the cabinets are in place and we’re laying the floor trim, which you can see is missing in the picture of the cabinet.

I’ve been slowly getting the garden ready for winter. I wait for the nice days, which are far and few between lately. We’ve been getting a lot of rain. I finished bringing in the cabbages and sunflowers. They’re all happily hanging in the basement now. Once the sunflowers are dry, I’ll rub the seeds off of the heads, save the biggest ones for seed stock for next year, and roast the rest. I think you might be able to see a few of the hanging cabbages behind the Roma food mill. They’ll store well down there until we use them up. It stays a comfortable 50 degrees year-round in the basement, even without a heat source down there.



Today or tomorrow I’ll be planting the garlic out. I meant to do it at least a week ago, but the weather had other plans for me. Look for a post soon detailing the garlic bed.

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