This year I will be growing (and selling!) the following varieties of herbs, peppers, and tomatoes. I’m throwing this out here just in case there are any locals who will be interested in specific varieties. I’ve got half of my peppers planted, but if I know there will be a demand for a certain variety, I’ll plant more. So… speak now if you want me to reserve a set number of any!


Basil – Emily, Italian, Cinnamon, Dark Purple Opal, Sweet
Cilantro – Slo-bolt, Common
Dill – Dukat, Boquet, Mammoth
Lemon Balm
Oregano – Greek, Organic, Common Italian
Parsley – Giant of Italy, Italian Flat, Dark Green
Rocky Mountain Bee Plant
Sage – Broad Leaf, Garden


Red Marconi (sweet)
Gold Marconi (sweet)
Pepperoncini (mild hot)
Cubanelle (hot)
Hungarian Hot (hot)
Cayenne Long Thin (hot)
Ancho (hot)
Craigs Grande Jalapeno (hot)
Purple Beauty (sweet)
Alma Paprika (mild hot)
Yellow Monster (sweet)
Peter (hot)
Fushimi (sweet)
Purple Jalapeno (hot)
Joe’s Jalapeno (hot)
Mexican Jalapeno (hot)
Francisca Habanero (hottest of the hot)
Pasilla Bajio (mild hot)
Lilac Bell (sweet)
Peperone di Cuneo (sweet)
Corno di Toro Giallo (sweet)
Socrates X3R Hybrid (sweet)
Cascabel (hot)
King of the North (sweet)


Bellstar (red paste)
White Queen (white beefsteak)
La Roma III VFFNA Hubrid (red paste)
Yellow Bell (yellow paste)
Indigo Apple (purple globe)
Pink Ponderosa (red beefsteak)
Cream Sausage (yellow paste)
Delicious (red beefsteak)
Jujube (red cherry)
Aunt Ruby’s German Green (green beefsteak)
Roman Candle (yellow paste)
Paul Robeson (purple beefsteak)
Gypsy (purple globe)
Amish Paste (red paste)
Principe Borghese (red grape)
Big Rainbow (yellow/orange beefsteak)
Rainbow Beefsteak Mix (grab-bag colors beefsteak)
Mr. Stripey (red/yellow beefsteak)
Tiny Tim (red cherry, only grows to 12-18″ high)
Beefsteak (red beefsteak)
Copia (red/yellow globe)
Orange Banana (orange paste)
Hungarian Heart (red paste)
White Tomesol (white globe)
Gezahnte (red ribbed paste)

Yep. Hands = Full. I could reeeeally reeeeally use a greenhouse! A little note about the herbs: as they get big enough, I’ll be combining them in custom indoor/patio pots, as well as selling them in bulk for outdoor planting. In 3 weeks or so they should be big enough for me to head to the farmer’s market at the VFW post in Menominee, Michigan and start selling. I’ll bring pots and potting soil with me to make custom arrangements. As the time nears, I’ll post on the market facebook page at with updates.

Although I’m planting the peppers now, they won’t be ready for sale for at least 6 weeks. The tomato seeds won’t even kiss the dirt until mid-April, so there’s plenty of time to get in your special requests!

Hope you are all as excited for spring as I am! Cross your fingers for an early, warm one to balance out the shitty, late, cold spring we had last year.