This page is to introduce people to intentional communities. The best resource for those interested in choosing who you live with/near has to be the website which is a complete directory for all things community-related. I have put an ad in the directory for an intentional community based on sustainability and freethinking. I think it would be so awesome to try to accomplish our goals with other families/couples/individuals who just happen to share the same goals and non-beliefs we do.

We are no longer up in the air on where we would like to settle. As a matter of fact, we have already bought the land – 27 acres of rolling hills, hardwood forest, and wild raspberries galore in northern Wisconsin. Ideally, we would like to gather together with 1-3 other families or individuals to use the land to its fullest potential. There is a lot of land for sale within walking/biking distance, too, so let us know if you would like to check out the area! And if you need a job to pay for the land, check out Marinette Marine, Aacer, Tyco, or any of the other industrial complexes in the area – they’re hiring thousands of new workers in the next few years.

I guess my idea of an ideal intentional community is still one in which all the members live on the same land, but now I’m also open to the idea of having a close-knit community of families who live in the same general area and are able to gather for important events or helping one another. One where sharing ideas, resources, time, and tools is the focus. We love sharing what we learn with others, and big projects like harvesting and preserving food is easier and more fun in a group than it is alone. I think my intent for starting up a group is simply to have friends with the same life goals and interests. It’s so difficult to find friends and make those connections, that I’ve reached out to the internet to aide me in my search.

You can get a really good idea of what we’re about and the kinds of people we’d like to meet by reading over the hundreds of posts I’ve made in the past couple years, or you can scroll down this condensed list.

  • Energy – Ideally we would be totally off-grid and able to produce and store enough energy to meet our growing needs. This includes heating with wood, pumping water using a windmill or solar pump, and running all electrical devices off of power stored in a battery bank attached to a pv system. A generator would be nice for emergencies, but it’s only as good as the amount of fuel we would have stored for it, and storing fuel long-term is a royal pain in the neck. Until we can afford energy self-sufficiency, we will be hooked up to the grid.
  • Shelter – Our home is a work in progress around 900 sq ft. We plan on building a small wood shop, ceramics studio, and housing for various animals, too. A few guest houses are in the plans, but probably won’t be started until at least 2016 or as funds allow. This stuff isn’t cheap on our own!
  • Food – We’re huge fans of growing and processing our own food. Someday we would like to be nearly self-sufficient in this area. Of course, we wouldn’t be able to grow staples like sugar, salt, some spices, and a few other luxury items like bananas, but we can set aside enough of that stock to last us through any emergency. We hope to someday have at least one year worth of food stockpiled. Any community we become a part of should have the same mindset, as nutrition is high on the list when it comes to getting through any kind of disaster, whether it’s long term job loss or a week-long power outage due to a storm.
  • Water – I briefly touched on the fact that we’d like to be able to pump and filter our water without being tied to the electrical grid. Of course, we’d love to re-dig the 1 acre frog pond on our land and stock it with all sorts of goodies, but even without that at least we have a well.
We have a lot more interests than the few listed above. We love to read books, draw, go camping, cook & bake, fish, hike, save seeds, tinker, try new foods, and play games. While my husband is the technical and mechanical genius of the family, I play the role of Suzy homemaker. I like quilting, sewing, crocheting & knitting, and keeping house. I think we’d have a lot to offer a little community, and I’d love to share this lifestyle with others. Even if this community idea doesn’t pan out, I’ll probably still work toward being able to hold classes on basic homesteading activities like bread baking and tree pruning for the local community. I love helping people by teaching them something new and useful. I think the only thing I love more is cooking for large groups. Look out for open picnics and family fun days on our little patch of dirt in the near future! This lifestyle is so rewarding… how could we keep it to ourselves?