To get to the coop on the other side!

The chickies are finally in their own home. They were terrified when I put them 8 at a time into a box with a lid and carried them outside. It took five trips to get them all moved out of the basement, but I am so glad to get them out of the house! The boys and I spent all morning setting up the coop to get them comfy. I even attacked our burn pile to salvage some branches for makeshift roosts. I still have to get the insulation up on the ceiling and finish whitewashing the last wall, but it looks pretty darn good for now.

Of course, I took pictures. I also snapped some of the plants in the basement. The peppers were brought upstairs until they germinate. It’s just too chilly for them in the basement. Hopefully they sprout up soon so I can clear the countertop again. I keep a spray bottle near them to spritz them in the morning and evening, and my youngest thinks it’s absolutely hilarious to spray himself in the face until not only his face but his clothes and a 3′ radius around him are drenched and dripping with cold water. I’ll never understand some of the things kids do.

Okay, okay. Pictures!

I'm hoping the hanging feeder will reduce the amount of poo in the feed. We'll see.

My hubby made this awesome nesting box. It whitewashed up rather nicely.

A buff on the cedar roost.

"Crazy Head" has all white feathers on his tophat, except for two black ones in the front. It looks like goofy eyebrows.

Tomato seedling. I think this was one of the Paul Robeson's.

Giant Musselburgh leek seedlings. They already have an oniony smell to them. Yum!

Ok, now I'm just showing off. Aren't you jealous? We haven't bought bread since we moved here, and I wouldn't have it any other way!

For those of you who might be curious, the whitewash in the chicken coop is SUPER easy to do. I got my hydrated lime, aka slaked lime, at Tractor Supply Company for $7 for a 50 lb bag. Then I took an old mixing bowl and poured some water in it. I scooped some lime in, then stirred it with a paintbrush. I kept adding lime until the mix was the consistency of paint. Then I just put it on the walls. It looked very thin when I first put it on and that made me have some doubts, but within a couple hours all the moisture had evaporated and left a dandy layer of white. It’s not perfect, and it won’t last forever, but it’s a hell of a lot cheaper than paying for real paint. Also, there weren’t any fumes or toxic chemicals that I have to worry about the chickies inhaling. And it washes right out of clothes. I think the only drawback is that it really dried out my hands wherever it splattered. I have very sensitive skin, though, so that might not be too common of an occurance.

Well, that’s it for now. Y’all have a good night! I’m sure I’ll be up and crossing the yard more than once tonight. I’m such a worrywort when it comes to my babies, be they human or feathered. Toodles!